Lil' Hill Farm
Quality Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats.  They are all
registered with ADGA as well as AGS.
Armenian Gampr Livestock Guardian dogs

  in Hillsboro, Alabama

We are so happy to have another Gampr puppy
join our farm.

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Rainbow Bridge
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**We participate in DHIR milk test with ADGA** and
ADGA Linear Appraisal

Herd has tested negative every year for CAE since 2008.
Johnes negative April 6, 2011! 
We are a TB & Brucellosis Free State.

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Norma Jean

Beautiful Creature

Time Out


Welcome to Lil' Hill Farm!

We began raising registered purebred Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats in 2004, when we read an article in Hobby Farms magazine featuring these little caprines.  We had 20 acres to work with and all we needed was some way to use it and have fun doing so.  Many years ago, I raised and showed Quarter Horses, but since I've gotten older, I was looking primarily for animals smaller in stature and ones that could be easily handled by myself if need be.  The Nigerian Dwarf goats just fit the bill.  It has been a wonderful journey ever since.  We have brought in bucks and does from all across the country to get the genetics, conformation and milk production we were looking for.  We are concentrating on show quality animals with excellent conformation and super dairy udders, and we are extremely happy with the results.  We are so grateful to the breeders we purchased these animals from for entrusting them to our care!

2015 was a very good year for our farm and the hard work paid off when
three of our girls and one of our bucks were awarded the ADGA
Superior Genetics designation!!  We are so proud of SG Lil' Hill Farm SFR Grace 2*M AR who not only received her SG, but also 2015 ELITE Doe, receiving the highest ranking of  99%!  In 2016, Grace again got the ELITE Doe designation!  Our little "Digit" and Time Out both received their  Superior Genetics designations and are now SG Lil' Hill Farm SFR Single Digit 2*M AR and SG Old Mountain Farm Time Out 1*M AR2014/*D AR2747.  Our buck, "Rain" is our SG buck and is officially SG Dill's CC Set Fire To The Rain *+B.  "Rain" also was ADGA 2015 and 2016 ELITE Buck!  2015 was definitely their year to shine.

2016 brought some more awesome designations when SG Lil' Hill Farm SC
Sugar Shack
2*M AR was awarded her Superior Genetics as did SG Agape Oaks GL Elegance 3*M/*D AR2743 and SG Double Durango Koo-Doe 3*M AR!

2017 also proved to be a good year for the girls as
SG Lil' Hill Farm SC Shimmer 3*M received
Superior Genetics designation as did SG Dill's CC Beautiful Creature 2*M and SG Dill's BJ Marilyn 5*M!
All of our goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA).

So, come on in and meet our herd.  These are the darlings that make our herd strong.  But be forewarned!  It doesn't take long for these little goats to steal your heart! 

Thanks for visiting!

Bruce & Sandie Terry

The Goat Herder's Prayer
This night, the feedin' all now done, I bow my head in Prayer,
And Thank  you, God, with my whole heart, for always being there.
I remember this morning, as the sun first broke, when I called in the herd,
How precious it was to hear YOUR voice ... like my goats listening for MY word.
They ran from scattered all about, excited just to see me,
Me standing there beside the barn with buckets of feed.
I know they place their trust in me, to meet their needs and care.
This 'ol barn would be an empty shell were I not waiting for them there.
Ain't that how it is with us, God?  Like between them goats and me?
Life's journey would be so empty, IF YOU weren't there with me.
So I thank You, Lord, for every goat that you've placed in my care,
And for every lesson that I've learned in this journey that we share.
For the miracle of life ... and ... of sacrifice that some are called to serve
For we are all your creatures ... together here,
And You ... The Master Shepherd.

Bruce and Sandie Terry
157 County Road 230
Hillsboro, Alabama 35643
Phone: 256-290-8628




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